Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plans Foiled Again

Well, our trip to the beach is most likely going to be cancelled.  My mother-in-law was taken to the hospital last night after experiencing stroke symptoms.  The test results have come back showing nothing, but she is still in the hospital.  Not sure if we can go to the beach on Friday if she is in the hospital. Her husband is flying up from Texas tomorrow and Big D is picking him up from the airport.

We had to cancel our trip once because we just did not have the money or time to go.  Yesterday, while at the pool at the club with mother-in-law and sister-in-law and her four kids, we were invited to go with them.  Of course we jumped at the chance, now that seems unlikely.

Another reason we chose not to go was because it would interfere with TD's soccer.  He plays on a traveling team and we have made a commitment to attend the practices and camp as required.  Other's on the team have chosen to take vacation and have missed numerous practices and are not going to the camp.  This frustrates me as TD is always there as needed and other kids may take his position on the field.  His coach needs to put his foot down and not play the kids that do not come to practice, but I doubt he will do that.  This whole year has been frustrating, as TD's coach does not recognize the improvement TD has made over the summer.  He is an amazing soccer player and loves playing.  Last year he played offense and this year for some reason his coach wants him to play defense.  It is frustrating because he is one of the best, if not the best player on the team and the only player that has experience scoring in tournaments and he is not being given the chance to do this again.  Of course the coach's son is starting on offense even though his is not even close to as talented at TD, nor did he start over TD last year. 

I am sure you will hear me complaining about soccer again, but for now you see just a glimpse of the frustrations I am going through with this sport.