Friday, July 22, 2011

In the Beginning.....

Welcome!  I can not believe I am actually doing this, finally.  I used to laugh at those that wrote blogs, thinking, they are just wasting their time.  Who wants to read about someone else's life?  Well, under the assumption that someone may be interested in what I have to say, here I go.  It also helps me to remember my life as I document our daily activities and discuss our family.  Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes with me and together we can figure this whole thing out.

Lets meet the players!
First you have me.  I am a 34 year old mother of 3.  You will meet them later.  I currently am a stay-at-home mom by choice. My husband and I both thought it would be better if I stayed at home to raise them rather than sending them to daycare.  Not to mention the cost of daycare would have been cost prohibited with our salary.  So in turn, we struggle to make ends meet every month.  It is hard to pay for a family of five on my husband's paycheck, but we manage and we have a nice life to boot. 

To tell you a little about myself, I grew up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio and was raised by both of my parents.  I have one older sister and a younger brother.  Both are very successful and we still have regular communication.  You will hear more about them as time goes on.  My parents are wonderful, and looking back, I had an idyllic childhood, with the normal bumps and bruises of growing up. When I graduated high school I went off to college like most do.  I graduated with a degree in Political Science and wanted to be a lobbyist.  After working in the US Senate, I decided this was not for me and went back to Columbus.  After a series of meaningless jobs, I found myself employed by Children Services.  I was a caseworker, and I was good at my job.  I loved my job, and the kids on my caseload.  After having my first child in 2003, I attempted going back to work, but found I could not leave my son and focus on the job the way I should.  It was a tough decision, but I left Children Services to focus on my kids.  Shortly after making that decision, I found out I was pregnant again, unexpectedly. 

When my husband was offered a job in Maryland, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to start over in a new city and state.  We soon discovered that being that far away from our family would not work, especially with two children.  One week after my son turned 1 year old, and one month before my daughter was born, we moved back to Ohio, this time in North Central Ohio.  This was not the area we wanted to stay either. We wanted closer to family and desired to move back to Columbus, or to either my or my husband's hometown.  When a job opportunity presented in Marietta, my husband's hometown, we took it after three years in North Central Ohio.  We have lived here since October of 2007, when we purchased an older home with plenty of space and plenty of projects needed. 

Now lets meet the rest of the family.  My husband, lets call him Big D, is 41 years old and is a college professor.  He loves his job and is currently pursuing his PhD.  My son, TD is almost 8 and is obsessed with sports.  He plays on a traveling soccer team and this consumes a lot of our time, especially on weekends.  My oldest daughter, K, is 6.5 and is a princess.  Just ask her and she will tell you she is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.  She loves her dance classes and is a social butterfly.  Our youngest daughter, TR, is 9 weeks old today.  Although she was unexpected, I feel she is the completion of our family. 

Well, now you know a little about us, and if you are interested you will continue to learn more about us as we learn about ourselves too. 

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