Wednesday, July 27, 2011


TR had her first set of shots on Monday.  She was so pitiful when the nurse gave them to her.  I had to hold her legs down, which I think should not be asked of any parent.  She cried and almost made me cry.  She calmed down as soon as I picked her up, but fussed at me for a few more minutes before we left.  The rest of the day I held her while she slept instead of putting her in her bed for naps.  She took Tylenol every four hours, but was very fussy and would cry in her sleep.  I felt so bad for her, but I knew she would recover and getting her shots is a long term gain for a short term loss.

I understand that many have chosen not to give their children shots based upon religious beliefs, however, this new trend of not getting shots because they may cause autism has been disproved over and over again.  Why would a parent want to risk his or her child's future health of contracting a debilitating disease over false information that was reported years ago?  In fact the doctor that claimed the link has since been revoked of his medical license due to his irresponsibility in reporting information that he could not prove through the necessary scientific research.  Additionally, I would have a hard time allowing my children to play with some kids that have not had their shots because of the risks associated.  Since TR is only 9 weeks old, she has not been inoculated from some of these diseases, and will not for another two years.  Parents need to understand that they are not only putting their kids at risk, but other kids as well.

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